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Thank you, Mr. President, for a day off.

Instead of being stuck in the office my day was:
  • 3 parts fun with Nats - discovering a new lunch spot in my neighborhood (who knew?!)** // window shopping & coming home with a dress very similar to the one above // Smoothies
  • 3 parts productivity - clean laundry (!!) //  depositing checks // power fusion class at the gym
  • 3 parts failure - losing the parking ticket at the mall // locking myself out of the apartment // feeling just over-all kind of gross
  • 2 parts HALLELUJAH - the parking attendant let us go without paying the $21 fee!!! // the window-locking mechanism on our front windows work!
Lessons learned? If you get impatient in a busy undercover mall parking lot and shake fists at fellow drivers, karma may just kick you in the butt and make your parking ticket disappear. If you acknowledge that you were wrong and apologize to the universe, a nice parking man might just say "adios" and let you leave without paying a fine. Whoo! Oh, and don't lock yourself out of your own apartment. 


**Attention Santa Monica residents: Interim Cafe is a little hidden gem! With no sign on the outside, you must have a little faith when finding parking around 6th and Wilshire. Do not give up! The chicken quesadilla will not disappoint. I was also eye-ing their acai granola bowls and extensive smoothie menu...next time. Dad, as a warning, you will think this place is "earthy".

I'm still kind of floored that Nats was able to introduce me to a new restaurant in the area! I thought I had my 'hood figured out by now.  

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