New Obsession: Gobi Mongolian BBQ

It's been years since I have had Mongolian BBQ and I don't know why I was waiting so long. Jackie discovered Gobi in Silverlake, an awesome little spot that lets you pile on all the grub that you can fit in a bowl. As novices we were a little timid with how much food we could "fit" (see the first image below) -- with fresh veggies, 4 meat options, tofu, and toppings galore, it wasn't hard to fill your bowl before getting to the noodles. We ended up pushing stuff down and piling the noodles high:

The Before...The After... Mongolian BBQ!
...we were obviously pretty excited about it...but we were quickly showed up by another BBQ patron...How it's done.
...now THAT'S a noodle pile!

We dreamt of mongolian BBQ the entire weekend...and returned two nights later to do it right.

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