Dream home. Where are you?


This weekend marked the official start of Apartment Hunt 2012! It's been two years since our last move and I can't help but hope and pray that my dream apartment is out there waiting to be scooped up. Kate from For Me For You wrote a post a few months ago that sums up how I have always felt about house hunting. I have my eyes set on finding "the one with A, B and C". Pinterest has an endless supply of drool-worthy living spaces, which doesn't help my "grass is greener" syndrome at all! The realist in me knows that I will have to settle on a few (or probably a lot) of these things to keep within budget and the crafty cat lady in me is also excited to re-decorate and improve a new space (Pasadena flea here I come!)

Old Brand New recently featured a Santa Monica bungalow that he was temporarily renting. Isn't it picture perfect? Who owns this house? Do they want to let me take care of it next?

Fingers crossed ... hopefully a lot of people decide to leave Santa Monica in July :)

Bedroom // Indoor Greenhouse // Kitchen // Living Room // Windows

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