My Weird Snacks

I don't want this blog to turn into a weird record of my latest fitness and dieting endeavors, but lately, it's all I can think to write about since life has been pretty consumed with work. In my limited free time, I am trying my best to be active! Today, I thought I'd share with you some of my new favorite snack discoveries ever since I've been trying to cut out extra carbs, fats and sugars. If this whole experience has taught me one thing, it's that what you put into your body is just as important as exercise (if not more!) if you want to see a change. So here's my list of saving grace's:

PB2 -- a powered peanut butter that doesn't compromise on taste but leaves out all the extra oils and fats of regular peanut butter! I haven't tried the chocolate peanut butter flavor but that's next! A few scoops of this + vanilla whey + chilled almond milk = a refreshing post-sweat treat.

Quest Bars -- recommended by our yoga teacher, these protein bars have 20g of protein, tons of fiber and only 1-2g of sugar. Best of all, they have the consistency of a Snicker's bar. Delicious!

Miracle Noodles -- again, recommended by our yoga teacher, these are an easy way to fill your noodle craving with 0 carbs. Warning, these smell really gross and fishy out of the bag because it's some sort of sea plant, but give it a good rinse and they take on the flavors of your dish.

Buffalo Jerkey (from Trader Joes) -- mmmm! Good protein, low-fat, spicy, soft and not dry...

Edamame -- I'm a muncher so whenever I want a good, healthy, hearty (and, lets be real, salty!) snack, this is what I turn to!

Case in point: Eating healthy does not equal suffering! 

**Side note: I promise I'll be back to the normal "programming" with some cat photos soon! With the summer heat rolling in, Moby is going to get a shave this weekend...wish us luck :)

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