Apartment Crush: Dabito's Los Angeles Home

Apartment Crush alert! Dabito posted photos of a dreamy Santa Monica apartment rental a few months ago, but he also has a beautiful home of his own! In his interview on Apartment Therapy, he explains the details of his creative process. The space looks comfy, colorful and modern and best of all, he created all this on a strict budget! Dabito is a self-proclaimed "vintage vulture" and found most of these items at thrift stores, Craigslist, and flea markets. Talk about an inspiration. He advises, "be patient" when it comes to putting together your home, a tip that I have taken to heart!

We finally got Jackie's beautiful collection of botanical drawings up on the wall this weekend but we still have a box full of art and decor sitting on the floor, waiting to find a home. After filling up millions of holes in the walls of my last apartment, I'm hesitant to start putting holes in my pretty new, blank walls. I've been scouring Pinterest, watching lots of HGTV, and reading my favorite blogs for inspiration, but haven't taken the leap quite yet! Will keep you posted.

Last but not least: For all you Craigslisters out there - ever want a tool that would let you browse CL by image instead of by title? Guess what? That exists!! Check out picclick.com and it'll save you tons of time. Yes, no more clicking through coffee table posts and being disappointed with this.

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