Starting a Garden

Here I go adding to my list of old-people leisure activities....

Before beginning our veggie garden, we went to the farmer's market to talk to a seasoned farmer about the best ways to begin. As we suspected, he told us that we need to prep our soil before even thinking about what we want to grow. He suggested getting a few bags of EB Stone Planting Compost (no chemicals, no sir!) and mixing it into the soil so that's exactly what we did. Thankfully, the people who had this raised bed before us cleared everything out...just leaving behind a few grape tomatoes.

We got on our hands and knees and cleared out as many roots and leaves that we could! veggie-garden-2
We were told to water the soil and give it a few days to let all the nutrients seep in...hopefully this will set a good home for our veggies. veggie-garden-3 Now we wait...I can already tell that this whole process will be a long lesson in patience!

In a few days, we'll probably head back to the market to get some veggie starters. Instead of starting with seeds, this will give us a few months head start. Maybe one day we'll start from seeds, but I don't mind a little cheating here and there to keep my confidence levels high.

I got a little crazy in Photoshop and I doubt that this will all fit, but here's what we'd like to do:

If anyone has any tips, I'd love to hear them! More later!

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Blair said...

i love the photoshop preview!! i think it's so wonderful you guys have a garden plot, i aspire to do this someday and i'll have to learn all your secrets since you'll be pros by then.