I Can't Believe It. I Am SO Lucky.

This week has been such a roller-coaster of ups and downs. Multiple interviews, rejection, and happy hour at Monsoon (you be the judge of the ups and the downs). But, ladies and gentlemen, I have big news: Today...I landed a job. A real job!! I stayed in LA to see if I could make it. Thank the good Lord that everything seems to be falling into place. And rather quickly at that. After graduation, I gave myself a month-long grace period to pull myself together and maybe enjoy whatever "summer" I had left. I was expecting pure turmoil in these months - utter anxiety about the unknown future ahead of me. In this economy, the job market is full of fierce competition and I thought this one month period would turn into two months and then to three. Turns out I have found an awesome place to live (signing the contract tomorrow at 1!), I have two amazing roommates and cat, and now I have a job!!! God is good. I'm going to be getting paid peanuts for the amount of work and devotion this job will require, but God is GOOD. I have a job. After getting rejected from what seemed like the perfect job at CAA, I was so motivated to get myself out there. I discovered video resumes and contemplated making my own but ended up checking out some REALLY BAD resumes on Youtube. If you want a good laugh or maybe an ego boost, please look into this. I recommend this one. And this one. At least you're not these people. On that note, that's it for me. I'm sleeping well tonight! One more thing:
{from Wordboner}
...just so you know.

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Sister Leslie said...

Your blog is so cute! very naomi. I watched the first video resume and was like 'Is she serious?' Is she?? haha. Good thing you steered clear of that! What job did you get btw? xoxo