My Eyes.

I've had glasses since 3rd grade. Yep, I was that little Chinese girl with the bangs, the big frames down to my chubby cheeks, vest with the teddy bears and leggings with the stirrups (remember those?!). I'll admit, I still wear vests and leggings but ever since middle school, I've been wearing contacts and I've never given glasses a chance. To me, glasses mean "today is a groggy day. I woke up with dark circles around my eyes and I don't feel like putting on mascara...so I'm going to wear my glasses and hide". On top of it all, it always seems to rain when I wear them. For you seeing-impaired people, you'll know that rain + glasses = disaster. Why hasn't someone invented a stylish version of glasses wipers yet?
I know glasses can be cute and I'm trying to re-invent my mindset towards the idea of incorporating them back into every day style. These ladies are starting to help me change my mind:
From Design Is Mine. Doesn't she just look like she reads a lot of books? Can't help but look smart...10 bonus points.
From Design Is Mine - I couldn't NOT include Zooey. Red beret!

Ingrid Michaelson

My roommate Blair, who totally rocks the frames!
From here - side note: love that messy hair! I could definitely pull that off tomorrow morning. Of course the glasses are her boyfriends'. I'll have to work on that...
Anyway, I'm thinking about it.

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