My Heart Is Beating Like A Jungle Drum

We were fortunate enough to catch Emiliana Torrini for the second time this year. After seeing her at the Troubadour a couple months ago, I left the show still wanting more - and it was a long show! Even though she's a petite lady, she can silence an entire theatre with the most delicate of songs (ie, Beggar's Prayer, my absolute favorite), get everyone swaying to a reggae-beat (Me and Armani), chill the audience with unique blends of texture and sound (the drummer was playing a violin bow on his cymbals at one point), and get everyone dancing to the most playful of love songs (Jungle Drum).
What I enjoy about her most is that she wears her heart on her sleeve. When she sings, she doesn't leave anything behind - it's all out on there for everyone to see. It's not over-produced, premeditated or planned. If you ever get the chance to experience live music like this, please don't pass it up! It's absolutely incredible and a good reminder of why I love live music so much.
Upcoming concerts on my calendar:
--The National
--Sondre Lerche
--Bon Iver

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