Bright Colors

From Jordan Ferney (Kate Spade)
Anya Marina on a Nylon shoot
It's been a little colder in Santa Monica lately. Waking up to a dark, heavy "marine layer" morning sky got me to bust out the tights. I have some bright pink ones on, but I'm on the lookout for some more colors like the ones featured above! Perfect for a little pick-me-up on a stormy afternoon.
While I'm on the topic of cooler weather. I'm also coveting this Vampire inspired blazer from Top Shop:
Can you tell I've given into the vampire craze? Too much True Blood...I can't help it! My apartment is catching up on the 2nd season...what will happen next? Is Daphne going to attack Sam in the lake? What is that bull headed monster?! I'll find out tonight!

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