O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

A couple posts ago, I mentioned that we wanted to create an-anthroesque holiday window display for our apartment's front window.  We've been working long and hard on our snowflake-cutting skills - it's more difficult than you think! - and we dedicated our post-Thanksgiving Saturday afternoon to assembling a recycled tree.

Can you spot Moby?  He loves to hide under the tree!

Well, what do you think?!

We were thrilled to put together something out of materials that we already had lying around the apartment - all it took was paper bags, tissue paper, and an old tomato plant basket (a win-win situation because we were able to put a nice dent in our paper bag collection hiding behind the fridge!)  We'll be adding more snowflakes throughout December and maybe some presents. Ahh I love the holidays.  Time for some hot chocolate!


Anonymous said...

very creative and useful recycling - you are certianly having a green Christmas!

You Are My Fave said...

Wow, it actually looks awesome. Good work.