The Subtle Skull Apron

pinning it all together...

Our dear friend, Bonnie, recently revealed that she has a secret love of skulls.  Who loves skulls?!  Of course, we ran with it.  Since I'm kind of behind on birthdays (sorry Bon!), by the time I got to the fabric store I had a wide skull pattern selection.  I chose a more subtle skull lace to turn into an anthropologie-inspired dress-apron (sensing a pattern?).  I picked up an old eyelet curtain from the thrift store and was able to incorporate it as part of the skirt.

Piecing it all together was definitely a task, especially since I wasn't working with a pattern. This was also my first project using the dress form - it was fun but I need to practice and fiddle with it much more.  Too bad not all bodies are perfectly lump free like a dress form, right?

Overall success, and I have now I have some more apron requests to fill...practice makes perfect!

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