2 skirts *complete*

I started both these skirts a while ago, but for some reason I put off actually finishing them until this evening. Both pieces were wearable after a couple hours of of pinning, sewing, seam ripping, and re-sewing but there are always those small finishing touches that are easily put on hold for another day.  For a few of weeks, I had absolutely no motivation to take out the sewing machine.  Plus, it's so much easier to take out your crochet needle or a pair or scissors (for snowflakes, of course!) But, I had a pair of jeans that desperately needed hemming and I wanted to finally finish these two skirts.  The yellow one's zipper needed some attention and I had to fix the lace on the black one, but I'm overall really happy and excited with the results!

Yellow Skirt - inspired by one posted here.  This is the second try - see my first try here.

Ruffle Lace Skirt

The waist on both these skirts are hidden with a belt because I'm not 100% confident in how these parts turned out.  I want to take class on the basics of finishing items - hemming, installing invisible zippers, properly trimming and cutting out pieces.  I didn't use a pattern for either of these skirts and I'm pretty much just playing around, figuring it out by trial and error.  It would be awesome if I could find a place that does classes for people at my level (not quite a beginner, but still pretty novice).  If anyone has any suggestions, I would welcome any recommendations!


Emelie said...

SOOOO COOOOOL! love both of them

Anonymous said...

Popo will give you sewing tips when you arrive at Christmas - she is a genius.

Naomi said...

thanks em! any parisian ideas i should try next?!