100 Zippers for 1 Dollar

I ♥ LA.

Weekend adventures into the Flower and Fashion districts might be my new "thing". When you live in the Santa Monica/Brentwood area, it's so easy to get used to your safe beachy bubble and I regret not spending more time in the "grungier" areas downtown. The blocks in between San Julian and Maple on 9th had me feeling like a little kid in a candy shop. Saturday mornings are bustling with shop owners who are willing to cut a deal. Rolls and rolls of fabric are spilling out of storefronts and all you need is the willingness to dig.

{Next time I want to make myself a pimp coat, this is where I'm going to get my materials!}

Our goal was to find some cool upholstery fabric to finally reupholster a nasty side-walk pickup wingback chair that's been living in our living room for 6 months. Last year, we spent a pretty penny on reupholstering another craigslist fixer upper and we didn't want to repeat. One thing that I've learned by working on the wholesale side of business is that, as a consumer, always seek out opportunities to buy stuff at wholesale because retail shops seriously rip you off, earning 50% margins (or sometimes more)!

About an hour of hustling and bargaining later, we drove away as happy birdies with everything we needed (and more) for under $100.

Deal of the day: 3 yards of soft, grey striped jersey cotton (I plan on making some nighties and maybe a summer dress), 14 zippers and enough elastic to last me a lifetime for $6!

{Uhh I was paying $3.50 for an invisible zipper at Joanne's...never again!}

We plan on starting our new projects tonight while watching the Grammy's. Can't wait.

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