The Before


Can you believe we've had this nasty thing in our living room for about 6 months?! It has become an incognito scratching pole for the kitties but not for much longer! We grabbed this off the sidewalk because the shape of it has a lot of potential and now that we FINALLY have some awesome SLS-worthy fabric, it's ready for a transformation.

We gave the chair a good vaccume and discovered that its prior owners had left us some "treasures":

(a little zoom action. The yellow glove was obviously necessary)

Contents included:
Small scissors
2 Q-tips
Orange colored pencil
2 Barbie shoes
Some Cheerio's and crackers
A plastic spoon
Misc. crumbs
    NASTY. I was hoping for a million bucks. Maybe next time. Stay tuned for the After!


    Nathalie said...

    I'm so excited to see your redesigned chair!!!!

    Blair said...

    Post the after! Our handiwork is just too incredible. ;) And your 11.30+ pm dedication to working on this chair.