The Doors

A couple weeks ago, I attended a private screening of the latest Doors documentary, "When You're Strange".  I'll admit, I knew I liked the Doors, but I didn't realize how much I liked their work.  The guys at the office must have wondered what got into me because I'm still playing The Doors non-stop at my desk...day dreaming about Jim Morrison (yeah I'm that girl!)


Why isn't music timeless anymore?

The Beatles, Elton John, Joni Mitchell, The Beach Boys...generations after generations of people still enjoy their music.  Decades later, and we all know the words to "Hey Jude" and "Yellow Brick Road".  If you sing "and we'll have fun fun fun till the..." everyone in the room can finish the song.

I've been seeing many "Best songs of 2009" lists floating around the blosophere but are any of these songs going to be remembered in 2050?  Maybe this is a new decade when songwriting will kick back into gear. 

PS: love these b&w shots.

"When You're Strange" was a few hours of non-stop footage taking you back in time to the 60's. Even if you're not the biggest Doors fan, this documentary is worth seeing because of the way it showcases history.  When it finally comes out in theatres, it's a must see!

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Blair said...

I second that...Jim Morrison is so sexy.