A Gingerbread House That Will Blow Your Mind

No way!  My favorite part of Where the Wild Things Are was the home that the Wild Things built together.  Check out this amazing Gingerbread house, inspired by the shelter in the movie:

(Seen on Vic's blog)

I can't imagine how long it took...amazing.

PS: blogging straight into the blogosphere from Virgin America.  Thanks Google!  (Dad, is BING going to be sponsoring free on-air wi fi?)

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Leslie said...

merry christmas to you too! I don't get the replica thing though, it's from where the wild things are? ??

I guess, when I become reabsorbed by my american culture I'll have to put you in charge of helping me reintegrate, haha. Hope all is well! And that the house smells like gingerbread and christmas music is in the background! Have fun in canada! xoxo