The After

 Introducing: The AFTER.

We're REALLY happy with how this turned out. So chic, surprisingly rockstar and flashy...but in a good way (not to mention it's super comfy! None of us wanted to actually sit in it before).  There's definitely a funny eclectic vibe in our apartment with this new addition. We're young, we can get away with it!

This second wingback chair was so easy compared to our experience with the first one. Maybe it's just a learning curve or maybe it's because this chair was upholstered professionally in the first place (in fact, we learned lots of new techniques just by taking the darn thing apart!) Either way, this has just confirmed and reinstated our enthusiasm for bringing nasty furniture back to life. We have TWO more pieces in our "pipeline"/queue. 

If you missed the awful "BEFORE" picture, here it is for your viewing pleasure:


PS: If you're wondering, yes, that is tape on the top edges - we have to deter the kitties from tearing this one apart!

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Blair said...

I'm so amazed by our mad upholstery skills! Haha props to us. Excited for rainy craft weekend.