Animal Likeness

What's your animal likeness?

Some people have a glaring animal likenesses and I guess I'm one of them. Can you guess it? Everyone seems to think I'm an owl.  Even if that wouldn't be your first answer, you can see it right? Eugh, why couldn't I be something cute like an otter or a baby panda bear? This is what I've been told - supposedly when I'm happily surprised or something pleases me, my eyes get really wide and I make a "hoo" kind of noise. New news to me, but I guess I can't change "hoo" I am (that was bad, I know).

For the record, I don't like birds. Think they're gross - they poo on people and they're definitely not cuddly. BUT I'm digging this sweatshirt. In fact, La Casida De Wendy's whole lookbook is really creative and fun. Love that hand-drawn set. Impressive antlers!

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