Oh Canada...

G O  T E A M  C A N A D A ! !

I'm excited to spend the next 16 days watching the Winter Olympic Games in beautiful Vancouver, BC. The opening ceremony was l o n g (KD Lang was good, but where was my girl Avril Lavigne?!) but it got me pumped to watch the best of the best compete.  

Does anyone know the difference between ice dancing and figure skating? Also - who knew hunting was an Olympic winter sport?

We need more world-wide events like the Olympics where cultures and differences are celebrated. It's beautiful that nations can put politics aside to celebrate a common love of the sport.

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Emilie said...

GNOME! i got those mittens too! i just got back from vancouver, it was great!!! i was i was with you and jack to watch the rest of the games on tv. we are the best olympic fans