10 Impossible Things

Inspired by the brilliant Alice and Wonderland movie (Tim Burton), here's my list of 10 impossible things.
  1. Neko has an English accent
  2. I can blink my eyes and be anywhere in the world
  3. Homemade mac n' cheese is packed with vitamins
  4. Every time a girl is on her "time of the month", her hair sprouts beautiful fragrant flowers instead of...what actually happens. *Sorry if that was graphic, I didn't mean it!
  5. When watching the food network channel, you can pull the dish right out of the screen for a taster!
  6. Each time a song is played, it sounds like hearing the band live
  7. The ocean is always at the most perfect swimming temperature
  8. I have Matilda-esque powers and can move things by just thinking it
  9. Jason Mraz and I are dating (haha)
  10. Sleep is optional
Wow, what a great exercise to get my creative juices flowing...give it a shot! It's harder than you think. What are some of your 10 impossible things?


Nathalie said...

Ew. Jason Mraz.

Shannon said...

Jason Mraz and you dating is not impossible. That is one obtainable goal!