Life is Bliss

picture from For Me, For You

Ten things that make me terribly happy --
  1. Sleeping in
  2. Enjoying a meal at a new restaurant with friends and family
  3. A weekend in the sun
  4. Napping with a kitten
  5. The ocean, in general
  6. A Pamela smoothie after a hard work-out
  7. Goosebump-worthy live music 
  8. Unexpected paid days off
  9. Homemade cuisine ala chef Jacqueline Eaton
  10. Finding out that the *insert item* you purchased is actually discounted further
Just putting this list together reminds me how lucky and blessed I am as almost all these things happen regularly.

It blows my mind that I'm almost a year out of college. With life going at a pretty steady pace, it's easy to roll with the punches and get into a routine. I want to remember to acknowledge my blessings and be thankful always!

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