Dentist Fail.

I learned my lesson the hard way: 5-star Yelp reviews aren't always accurate.

I thought I was being a "big girl". I had found myself a great doctor in LA and I was way overdue for dentist visit.  Knowing absolutely nothing about the dentists in the area, I went to the trusty internet and starting going down my list of dentists that accept my insurance plan. Dr. Tristen Nguyen had amazing reviews on Yelp and her office was only a few blocks from work. Perfect.

Not perfect.

After what seemed like 1/2 an hour worth of x-rays (they took a picture of each tooth and every angle possible -- ahh!), Dr. Nguyen proceeded to scrape at my teeth with a tool I had never seen before - the "Cavitator" (or something similar, the title was hard to make out from my angle. Might as well been the "I'm-going-to-carve-my-initals-in-your-gums" tool). The high pitched squeal of the tool combined with my spewing spit and my tongue being sucked to the side by the sucky tool (you know the one) made for a terrible experience. As if going to the dentist was enjoyable in the first place. THEN she took a measly 2 seconds to "polish" my teeth and floss.

I didn't even get a toothbrush.

Maybe I was babied back at home, but I definitely missed my childhood Christian-themed Dentist office. I always thought the Bibles in the waiting room and Christian Rock playing on the radio was a little overkill, but if all the dentists in LA are like this, maybe I won't be getting my teeth cleaned until I go home again.

Loyal readers (all 3 of you): does anyone out there have any good recommendations? I have 6 months to find a new dentist! Search starts now.

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