Love // Hate // Florence and the Machine

After seeing Florence and the Machine at Coachella, I can't stop listening to her record, Lungs. I go back and forth between loving Florence's intense percussion heavy beats and thinking that I'm listening to a combination of Evanescence and Enya (if you didn't pick up on the hint, anything that involves Evanescence is not a good).

I've had her songs, Drumming and Cosmic Love on repeat since Monday morning. So addictive. And let me tell ya, such a great way to get pumped for a long day at work. First impressions of Drumming led me to think that Florence must be some kind of witch and she was brewing us into her little cauldron. Her energy, passion, enthusiasm and overall intensity did seem to have a strange trance over her Coachella audience. Odd, but take a listen and let me know what you think.

Maybe I've fallen under her spell after-all.

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