Inspired to Sew Again

I've had a blog-crush on Jenny, of Wikstenmade, for a while now. Jenny is a talented seamstress/blogger in Brooklyn who knows how to rock the red lipstick - she learned how to sew from her Grandma and went to fashion school to perfect her own style and technique. If she didn't live across the country, I would try to take one of her sewing classes. All the classes I've seen in LA seem really old-fashioned. The items I want to sew aren't complicated - I just want to know the "right" way to do things. Is that so much to ask?!

I'm getting sidetracked. The new Wiksten Spring 2010 collection reminds me of Built By Wendy -- so cute and yet so simple and achievable. Our pleasant 70-degree Los Angeles weather makes me want to wear loose, unstructured tees and shirt dresses and now I'm inspired to make my own. We'll see what will come of it.

Sidenote: This is overdue, partly because I'm a little bit embarassed about posting pictures of myself. BUT here's a picture of the romper I made a couple months ago. Don't judge me! I like it. It was my first attempt at anything with shorts...not bad for a first go?

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