There's a New Tube in Town

It's official. I can't gain any weight around the middle or else these buttons will pop! The beautiful thing about learning how to make your own clothes is that you can create items that  are a perfect fit. That said, gaining weight isn't an option for me since this might be my most favorite piece of clothing I've made to date.

Materials: Good Will eyelet curtain + white thread + 4" of elastic + 7 little red buttons + a Saturday

I love making things out of recycled material. When I spotted this massive eyelet curtain at Good Will, all I could see was its potential (and the $3 price tag  - yip!). You've already seen it  show up on Bonnie's birthday apron and then I also gave some of it to mom. She ended up making new curtains for her potting shed (...that she built herself! There's no question who passed down the resourceful gene).

I'm still getting the hang of sizing...right now, I start big and then gradually get smaller until it's just right. This approach ends up being a bit wasteful (my individual pieces were reduced by a few inches on each side by the end of it all, oops) but I'm learning. Baby steps. I actually started drafting this one out with a "boxier" shape but quickly realized that the fabric wasn't going to fall the way I had originally planned. Adjustment after adjustment and voila! A tube top that stays put.

A mini victory with this tube: the invisible snaps. You know how button-down shirts sometimes leave gaps in between the buttons when you sit down? I HATE that. So, I hid invisible snaps in between button number 4, 5, 6 and 7. Problem solved.


Shannon said...

That is the cutest top ever!

Leslie said...

cute! that's amazing that it's recycled too! so cool! Maybe I will move down south and you can teach me the tricks of the trade.

i also have a friend here and you two are the same person! she sows her own clothes too! though without a machine - we have time for that in the peace corps, lol. You must meet her!


Ern said...

so... I'm expecting some amazing home made gifts in my future... you are TALENTED! love it :)

Ern said...

btw... love the fish shaped tambourine :)