Getting Artsy Fartsy

Over le weekend, I decided to take a hands on approach to my bare walls.

painting in progress

painting in progress #2

Yay! Painting.

Inspired by the Bottna Marimekko desktop that has been on my desktop for a few weeks now.

*Big thanks to Jackie (and Neko), my slave labor throughout the whole process!*

With the added space from the move, I'm starting to struggle with fitting in everything I want to do in the small amount of free time I have during the week. I now live much closer to friends, I want to sew a new duvet cover, I'm working on a cardigan/sweater pattern because I inherited 2 rolls of amaaaazing bamboo jersey cotton, I just started a great new book that I can't seem to put down, the beach is only 20ish blocks away, and of course my kitties, True Blood, Dexter on the horizon and Project Runway! What is a girl to do? I don't understand boredom in this city.

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Leslie said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! sO cool!