Bright Shiny Morning

Two things that have been on my mind lately: Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey and Berkeley Girl by Harper Simon. 

It's been a long time since I opened a book and was hooked from page 1. Bright Shiny Morning is a collection of short stories all based in Los Angeles and the chapters are connected by little facts about the town I've grown to call home.  The stories bring you into the lives of people who were drawn to this city for a variety of reasons. Many of the story lines are fictional but I can only imagine that they resemble the lives of many Los Angelites -- the actor with a secret, the lovers who are seeking refuge, an aged homeless man looking for purpose, the Mexican family looking out for each other....with each page grew my character attachment.  Isn't that how a good book should be?? I wouldn't dare call myself a book critic, but I just thought I would share a little bit about this one since I enjoyed it so much.

There really is something about this city. The food, the traffic, the buzz, the calm, the people...
Sometimes I try to imagine myself living somewhere else and I always end up in a big city on the coast. Any coast. I'm not sure if I could handle monotony of a small town -- I crave diversity and experiences. This city will do. For now...

I hope you enjoy this beautifully shot music video of Harper Simon's "Berkeley Girl" showcases Echo Park - probably the trendiest areas of LA. Jena Malone and the sweet lyrics redeem the hipster location. On repeat.

1. venice, by fountaincoke 2. berkley girl by harper simon

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