Bits of My Weekend

I always look forward to Kate's Bits of My Weekend photography posts. She always features Wendy, her kitty, and beautifully styled pictures from around NY. Well, this past weekend, it seems we were on the same wave length because we both were feeling anti-halloweeny and ended up watching Rocky Horror on Netflix instead of going to a halloween costume party. So, in true For-Me-For-You form, here's my own rendition of Bits of My Weekend.
The weekend kicked off with life changing California Benedict and coffee at Snug Harbor and then progressed to very productive, very expensive outing at Home Depot. Jackie and I bought wood, stained and finished the cuts, and plan on turning them into shelves. Needless to say, we built up quite the appetite and chowed down on Chinese food enough for three and laughed at the irony that was our fortune cookie (Saturday night is for DIY projects right?). Halloween was Neko's holiday, what a celeb! And...I used my new drill to install a guitar hanger.

How was your weekend?

Bits of my weekend 10.31.30-3

BOMW 10.31.10-4

Bits of my weekend 10.31.10

Bits of my weekend 10.31.10-2

BOMY 10.31.10 irony

BOMW 10.31.10-6

BOMW 10.31.10-7

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