Sunday Morning, Weekend Vacation

neko on sunday morning

sunday morning

sunday morning breakfast



Promise I did more this weekend than take pictures of my cats and read with a fresh cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich. As these pictures don't suggest, this weekend was actually rather busy but I'm still not used to taking pictures all the time. We had a mini adventure moving Lauren out of West Hollywood and into Santa Monica -- including strapping a rather large boxspring on top of a car with some nylon rope...and pigging out at the Griddle Cafe (oh those red velvet pancakes are as good as they say they are!) After an afternoon of lifting and dragging furniture, we went to support a friend's band out at the Good Hurt, a shady little venue off Centinela and Venice. Go-go dancers, lots of booty shaking, an experience! Sunday couldn't have had better timing...I woke up to the most beautiful sunshine pouring into our apartment. We washed cars, did the Santa Monica stairs, made seafood risotto and finally watched the Social Network. Good movie, but I don't get what all the hype is all about. Sigh, le weekend...why does it go by so quickly every time?!

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