Organizing Bit by Bit

new jewelry rack

new jewelry rack #2

new jewelry rack #3

flea market finds

Is it bad that I was looking forward to this weekend so that I could spend some time cleaning up the apartment? Ever since we got back, I have been compiling a laundry list of to-do's to get it back to the way we left it. Do a major sweep downstairs, swiffer, wipe down everything in the bathroom and kitchen, hang up clothes that have been lying around for weeks at a time...

And then I ran across my mess of a jewelry "collection".

Jackie pointed me towards an empty frame that had been sitting on her floor and I ran with the idea! It's nice that I now have a pretty good selection of tools, hardware, fabric etc. at my fingertips - this project cost me $0 and only took about 45 minutes. Now everything is nicely organized and on display. Maybe now I'll remember to change out my earrings every once in a while - I forget about a lot of those!

Hope you're enjoying a laid back and relaxing weekend!

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