Getting Sentimental

I put my bike up on Craigslist today and almost sold it. The girl who came by ended up being a little too tall for the frame, and surprisingly, I was a little relieved. Over the last two months, I've come to love this bike even though it's a clunky beast (perfect for a mountain biker, mind you!) Ever since it became warm enough to bike, I've been biking to work and I told myself that I would wait a few months before considering an upgrade, just in case this turned out to be one of my fickle phases. But now we're almost to July and I'm kind of deep into this new habit! Biking in Santa Monica is almost easier than driving. I think this diagram pretty much sums it up:

After shopping around, I have my eye on one of these beauts from Biria:

It has everything I need: a rack, a light frame, multiple speeds, hand brakes, and most importantly, it's the cutest little bike I have ever seen. The price tag isn't too painful either - especially if I can sell mine to help ease the blow. The whole temporary time period between selling the bike and buying a new one give me a little anxiety though - no bike?! 

I do still have my trusty rollerblades...how nerdy would "blading" to work be? Just a thought!

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