(a little tune to set the mood)

You playing that song? Okay good. My too-cool-for-school little brother has spent the last few days wandering the streets of Paris. He's been blogging about his baguette-filled new lifestyle and was kind enough to post this photo of his hostel room's view for us all to gawk and stare:

Thanks for the reminder that I'm not in Paris right now, Jord!

Instead of being bitter about it, I made matters worse and saw the new Woody Allen movie, Midnight in Paris. Talk about eye-candy. And I'm not talking about Owen Wilson (who, I'll admit is charming in a silly and aloof kind of way). The movie opens with a long montage of famous Parisian sights, but I'm a sucker for costume design and couldn't help but drool over the beautiful dresses that appeared throughout the movie. I couldn't help but think about how fun it would be to be paid to dress up and pretend to live in the height of the jazzy 1920's.

Ahhh...the life of Marion Cotillard.

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