turn that frown upsidedown

My cousin Shannon recently moved into a brand new apartment. She now has a cute 11th story one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver to call her own - am I jealous? A wee bit.

Not only is her new space tricked out with a heated toilet seat and surround sound in her bathroom (high-priority necessities, people), but she also has a small office space separate from her bedroom and window washers. What?! All the sudden I feel so far away from adult-hood.

Shannon's seat

Since one of her walls is basically a huge window - again, jealous - she decided it was okay to live out her dream to paint one of her living-room walls black. Shannon, I hope you don't mind but I can't wait to copy you one day! We had to take advantage of the studio setting to take a few family shots but apparently it wasn't working out. My mom had the brilliant idea to throw in a pop of color - empty green bowl? Why not! Adam and Eve leaves? I think we could make it on Awkwardfamilyphotos.com...


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