Do I or Don't I?: Red Denim

I've been on the search for red skinnies for a while now. Urban Outfitters had a pair, but they weren't quite right. Then of course J Brand makes some but they are waaaay out of my price range. I had given up for a month or two...but then while strolling down the Promenade we decided to stop by American Eagle...and there they were - the pants I had been looking for! Fit was good - not too stretchy - and more importantly, they're only $44. Now I can't decide if they make me look like I'm in high-school again. Are colored jeans young? 

A quick Pinterest search has me changing my mind...

one / two / three / four

**After a little research, I found that Nordstrom also has them as well. Decisions decisions.


Beach City Girl said...

That's a definite 'do'. I think picture 2 is enough evidence of that.

Blair said...

I've been hankering for some red jeans too...let's just share and you can have highwater red denim. ;)