critical mass. august 2011

Critical of the Mass
{Heidi is looking a little critical of the mass - I think she may have been the only one with handle bar tassles!}

Critical Mass

Critical Mass

Hello Titty
{This guy's shirt had me giggling. Had to snap a photo of this kind stranger.}

If you live east of the 405, you may or may not have experienced heavy bouts of city-traffic due to hoards and hoards of bikers taking over the streets. Well, I was one of those annoying bikers last Friday...and it was awesome. Every last Friday of the month, about 3000 cyclists meet right by the Wiltern (Korea Town) and do a police-escorted 30-mile ride around the city. It was entertaining, exhausting and thrilling to ride in the streets and see Los Angeles' neighborhoods from my bike. We rode down Santa Monica, Hollywood Blvd, La Brea, Olympic...went through Beverly Hills, Silverlake, West Hollywood, Thaitown....30 miles is kind of far, we didn't really think that part through :) In hindsight, blocked off streets and police escorts are the ultimate way to get around LA. 

Besides feeling like a major minority (ie: I was a female, non-hispanic, adult...wearing a helmet), it was interesting and comical to notice how even bicycle styles can be regional. If you thought that my buddies with their west-side beach cruisers stuck out like a sore thumb, you're right! Most of the riders were on fixed gear street bikes with colorful rims and flashy lights. Lesson learned? In Los Angeles, your bike can be another accessory and fashion statement.

Critical mass Halloween edition could be realllllly fun....who's in?!

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