Weekend Vacation

pizza night 2 yummy Muji drink crazyscratch jackie's arm pooped santa monica stairs at sunset - cacti

Aren't 3-day weekends wondrous?

We decided to stay in town to enjoy the 80-degree weather and beach. But first! Food. My stomach was treated to some awesome homemade meals. The pizza was made by Jackie on our new pizza stone and chef Robinson pulled homemade pasta out of his fancy bag of culinary tricks. I don't think I've ever had homemade pasta before and I gotta say, I am a new woman. I brought my new camera with the intention of trying to take a few photos of his creation, but appetite beat me to it. Such is life.

We brought over special beverages for the chef and I finally opened up one of my precious Muji drinks -- thanks again Akiko, they are so delicious. I'm savoring the second one for a special occasion.

Sorry Neko and Moby...Scratch is the kitty featured on this post! We spent Saturday night being entertained by those crazy eyes. Scratch has such a spunky personality and nails to live up to her name. Her unexplainable interest in tampons is beyond me!

The rest of the weekend included washing and waxing the cars (is it weird that I get so much happiness out of making things shiny?!), beach beach beach, and dying on the Santa Monica stairs. Catching the sunset made it worth it though.

Best thing about a 3 day weekend? Only have 3 more days until next weekend!

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