Oh my goodness I love this time of year. DineLA is a two-week long event where a bunch of restaurants in Los Angeles offer 3-course dinner and lunch menus at a fixed cost. The list of participating restaurants is extensive this time around (seriously, how am I going to pick just one or two to go to?!)

Last year, I discovered DineLA on accident. Jackie and I happened to be looking for a new restaurant and ended up trying Hosteria. To our surprise, we were presented with an amazing 3-course dinner menu option. Built in dessert? I can't say no. We rolled out of there after two hours of consuming an appetizer, pizza, dessert and espresso (don't worry that's per person). Yeah. I think we surprised the waiter with our pretty awesome appetites. But that's besides the point - DineLA is here and it's my favorite excuse to go out and try new restaurants that are normally outside of my price range.

Here are a few spots and dishes that are looking especially appetizing:

Click here for the full list of restaurants. Anyone have any other recommendations?

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