Holga Adventures

Holy moly, what a great start to 2012. It feels like summer in LA and I don't mind! Not one bit. For my day off, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a little jaunt around Runyan Canyon with Jackie. It was especially busy - it felt like we were hiking in an amusement park! I don't know if the three day weekend, the weather or new years resolutions are to blame. Probably a combination of the three.

holgaholga lens - runyan canyon holga lens - stump holga lens - runyan canyon holga lens - runyan canyon holga lens - sparkles holga lengs holga lens - pleasure chest. holga-neko

We brought along my trusty camera and experimented with the Holga lens, as you can see. After some indoor experimenting, I decided that the Holga lens was much more appropriate for outdoor settings and I love the vignette effect that I got on a lot of these shots. I kept thinking that it was funny to use a plastic toy lens on such a nice digital SLR. Don't these remind you of those disposable camera shots that you would get developed from summer camp?

Sidenote: I didn't take a photo of it, but the Kale and Coconut smoothie from Naturewell in Silverlake is definitely worth mentioning. There is nothing better after a dusty LA hike! Go brave the hipsters and get one, if you are in the neighborhood.

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