One Weekend, Three Tanks

Tank Top using the Wiksten Pattern Wiksten Tank 2 Wiksten Tank 3 Wiksten Tank on Me Wiksten Tank

Well, I did it...and I did it three times! If you don't know what I'm talking about, start here.

It was so rewarding to make something wearable. The fit is great, all of the seams are clean and finished and if you couldn't tell, I'm on a roll. At this rate, I'll probably have a dozen of these tanks by the end of the month!

Jenny Gordon's patterns are so easy to assemble and her instructions are clear. This is one of the first garments that I've made "properly" all thanks to her easy-to-follow directions. I had been making it up on the fly up until now - to my credit, I wasn't too far off (!) - but now I know how to do a nice french seam and I'm not turning back.

Another lesson learned: a proper ironing board makes ALL the difference. The top in the bird print was my first attempt and I did all my pressing on the floor. I may be young and limber but crouching on the floor as you pin, press and cut really takes it out of you! I took my time and finished the tank in 2 weeknights. I splurged on a full-size ironing board for the second and third tank and cut my time down to just a few hours per top. While I was going at a much faster pace, I couldn't stop thinking about how pitiful I would be if I were to be on Project Runway! Their 2-day challenges would take me months.

Anyway. More tanks to come...

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Blair said...

Gnome these look amazing! Awesome job, I can only aspire to your fabulous craft skills. So the next question is...how much? ;)