Well, the 10' UHAUL is rented tomorrow. It's actually happening - we're moving!

Here's a friendly reminder to my future-self: do not try to sell all your stuff and buy new stuff at the same time! We have been carting around the same Craigslisted furniture for the last four years, so we thought it was about time for some upgrades. The Craigslist hunt is fun and exciting but oh so tiring and sometimes disappointing. The selling process is the most tiring part since you want to style up and clean your items and than you are on beck and call the moment someone shows interest. We've had a few funny *and weird* run-ins throughout this entire process, but also many successes. More on that later.

Until I have the time and energy to post a proper update, here's a cheeky little vintage sign that reminded me of what summers used to be like before they were taken up with grown-up things like moving apartments, selling furniture, and working full time!

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