The Seafood Shack

While on a Craigslist mini road trip to pick up a fantastic mid-century modern dresser in Laguna Beach, Jackie and I discovered a little hole in the wall seafood joint along the way called The Seafood Shack. What started as an innocent craving for some shellfish quickly spiraled into a messy, finger-licking, two-hour feast! This was my first seafood boil experience and I loved every moment of it - from the second they put down the paper table cloth (more like drop cloth), scissors, lobster crackers and a huge bowl of lemons, to when I had to go to the bathroom to literally wash all the yumminess off my hands and cheeks (no napkins or utensils!).

We ordered the Taste of the Sea (1 whole lobster, 2 pounds of crawfish, 1 pound clams, 1 pound of shrimp, corn and sausage) and an Oyster sampler as an appetizer.  Our waiter couldn't believe he was taking down an order for two small females. He must have announced it to the kitchen because throughout the entire meal we had waitresses coming to check in and root us on. I have to admit that I was a little nervous about an allergic reaction to ALL that shellfish since it had happened to my brother, but I am happy to say that I am in the clear!

I wish I had more photos of the night, but after this point, our hands were MESSY. That night, I learned how to crack a crawfish. I also learned that crawfish heads are pretty darn gross. Maybe one day I will be cool enough to suck out the heads...

For the record, we finished it. All of it.

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