Jackie Wins

In addition to winning 2 tickets to the Divine Fits this upcoming Sunday, Jackie also recently won a 1-year lease on a highly-competitive community garden plot! We can begin planting in November and we can't wait to start growing some winter leafy greens, beans, beets, carrots, zucchini and herbs. I hope that I inherited my mom's green thumb because we're going to need it! If we lived anywhere else in the world, this may not be the right season to begin a garden, but everyone keeps telling us that we shouldn't have too many issues since the climate is so mild here (80 degrees at the end of October - what?!)

Before we moved, one of our neighbors down the street had planted a few rows of vegetables in her side-yard and I've been inspired to do the same ever since. She had the most perfect looking little herb and veggie garden...it seemed like she could have had kale salads for days! If we can come close to her success, I'd be happy. All I want is to be able to harvest one home-grown meal...is that too much to ask?

Brooklyn's Annie Novak is another huge inspiration. She's an "urban farmer" and grows everything on the rooftop of building in the middle of the city. You can check out more photos of her amazing set-up right here on the Selby.

*Nope, not about to get a chicken...let's leave that to the professionals. 

Photos are all from the Selby.

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