Nesting Phase 2

Oh no! I found a post that I started a few weeks ago and never finished. Over the course of the last two weeks, my parents came to visit and one of the largest work events of the year happened so I will use those two things as my excuse. More on that later...!

The first few weekends of 2013 were a whirlwind of cleaning, re-arranging, decorating and overall nesting. My sister moved to her own apartment on January 1 and she has almost finished decorating in record time! I couldn't believe that she had hung curtains, purchased a new couch and tv, unpacked her records and books, painted walls, and assembled an entire media center/ "man cave" in days. It took us months! We've had the essentials figured out for a while but we recently purchased a few more things that make it feel more complete.

Cage pendants provide a nice warm light...the Etsy owner created a new version of the item for us so that we could hang them on a bracket (from Ikea!) and plug the lights directly into an outlet instead of from the ceiling. I opted for the red cord (obviously!) and they come with fancy edison lightbulbs. Woo!

The CB2 craigslist hunt lead me to finding this Alpine bed frame on sale from a fancy concrete home in Venice. It was a great deal that became even better when I noticed some unexpected paint marks and weaseled an even larger discount! Since it's metal, the marks came off with magic eraser and it's as good as new! Win.
Last find? This graphic Les Mis print is made out of words from the novel. If you know me well, you'll know my love for this musical goes back to the 90's. I realize this doesn't sound too long ago, but how many 8 year olds know every lyric and dress their brother up as Gavrosh?! Don't make me post a photo as proof! We still need to frame and hang this gem...don't worry, this horribly staged photo isn't our apartment!

- Cage Pendant Lights, Etsy shop EDLShop // Pendant using an Ikea Bracket idea from Remodelista

- Alpine Bed Frame from CB2

- Les Mis print by Litograph

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