Hearty Chicken Soup is Love.

Everyone shows and receives love in different ways. Some people show love through quality time, letters, chocolate and flowers, rides to the airport....and how about biking around the city in a heart-shaped route? I prefer food.

For me, this recipe from Chicken Recipe Box is love. It's a two-parter, so it definitely requires planning. But you (and whoever you decide to share it with...or not!) will be so happy you did. To get the base to taste just like your favorite "tong" (broth) made by your grandma, you must make the chicken stock from scratch. Sorry Swanson's! Roast a chicken and use that as meal #1. Save the chicken bones and stick them in a large pot with onions, carrots, garlic and water and let all the flavors develop by simmering the yumminess for four hours. Strain all the veggies and bones out and you have your chicken stock!

Click the link above to find the rest of the recipe! It's super easy, guilt-free, the ultimate comfort food, and doesn't require too many ingredients. Happy Valentines Day!

**Photo Credit: Chicken Recipe Box via Pinterest

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