Checking this off my list...

Out of all the great late night food spots in LA, I still hadn't tried the infamous Pink's hot dog. If you're driving down La Brea, you can't miss the big PINKS sign and the 45 min long line-up that curves around the building Disneyland-style. After seeing an awesome Iron and Wine show at the Troubadour, Jackie and I were craving a midnight snack. Millions of Milkshakes was right down the street, but we needed something with a little more substance and, at 11:30 pm, sushi was out of the picture. I had tried to go to Pinks a couple times before, but the line is just so intimidating! This time, we knew we had to do it. An hour later, I had a Rosie O'Donnell special sitting in my stomach. Sounds about as good as it was... Even with late night hunger pains, Pinks didn't match up to it's reputation (and what doesn't taste good at midnight??). I won't reveal what exactly is IN the Rosie special...(you don't want to know - to my defense, I was going for the most authentic, late night Pink's experience). The final verdict: it just wasn't that good. Not even the french fries. My sister will be happy to know that the Costco $1.50 polish dogs still takes the cake. In other news, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. Here is an incredibly inappropriate video to celebrate... Love you, mom!

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