Everyone is gone...

Everyone who has planned to leave has left. Blair and Bonnie headed up north with their moms on Monday. Pierce set out on his trek to Arkansas today. It's just Stink #258 and the crew of Malibu stragglers.
{Arizona Sunset. Photo via Adamos Maximus}
Supposedly, according to Pierce, Sigur Ros provides a great soundtrack for the drive through the Mars-like land of Arizona. I'll take his word for it. I haven't gotten to liking Sigur Ros yet but I know I will eventually. This same process is a familiar one - it happened with St. Vincent, Radiohead, and even my long-time secret-but-not-so-secret crush Jason Mraz. Here's how it works: a friend will recommend a band, even give me a sampler of his/her favorites. I will listen and think, "ehh" or "I can appreciate this, but I don't really like it". Two months later, I'll re-discover it while doing a random shuffle on my I-tunes or I'll hear it on Pandora or Myspace and wonder, "Whoa. What is this? Do I have this?!" Voila. Fan. ILike on Facebook. So if the pattern continues...I predict that I will soon like: - Bat for Lashes - Sigur Ros {I'm so slow. I know.} - Devendrah Banhart - Beirut - Joanna Newsom
{Joanna Newsom's The Sprout and the Bean}
I'm sure there are more, I just can't think of them right now...anyone have anymore I should add to the list?

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