The Swell Season

The Swell Season, Strict Joy Album Art

I can't stop listening to the Swell Season (especially this song, from their latest album Strict Joy).  I know I seem to say this about every show I've gone to lately, but this is for real.  I thought I liked the Swell Season after seeing Once a couple years ago, but after seeing them live..."like" is not even close to how much I appreciate their music, showmanship, and overall sincerity.  The duo performed with Glen Hansard's band The Frames, and I thought it was sweet that they thought to share the limelight (Glen had been the lead singer/guitarist of The Frames for nearly 20 years afterall!).  The entire night included some unexpected comedy (Jason Segal showed up and shared a song for everyone...that's LA for you!), a heart-felt Czech folk song sung by Marketa and a family friend, a beautiful Irish folk tune on the violin and even words for the wise from Glen Hansard himself.  

All that aside, the music was literally jaw dropping (you can ask Blair and Jackie...I kept having to lift my jaw).  No words or even Youtube videos can explain.  They're embarking on a new world-wide tour with Josh Ritter and if you have the chance, please go support them. 

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