The One Time I Cornered A Celebrity

Hah, I swear I NEVER do this. Four years living in Malibu, I ran into many-a-celeb and I always thought it was rude to interrupt someone's day with my wide-open gaping mouth. Before last Sunday, I had only been starstruck once...and that story is for another time. (All I'll say is "JOSH JACKSON." "PACEY". Amazing.)

A new exception to my rule happened when I spotted Florence Welch at the Fairfax flea this past weekend. There I was in my Sunday grubs, rolled out of bed, trying to meet up with a friend, and I was still running on a little high from the chills she sent through the Wiltern theatre at her sold out show Saturday night. Maybe that's why I decided to go up to her to tell her how much fun we had the night before and ask for a picture. She was gracious enough to pose for a pic and here's proof of my embarassing moment:

BOMW 11.07.10-5

How that woman hits every pitch while jumping around the stage is beyond me. Those lungs. I'm not even going to pretend to be a music critic so I'll leave it to the experts (La Weekly's review). With three sold out shows in LA, I hope you were able to snag a ticket to experience it yourself!

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Blair said...

Ahaha this is awesome! I love how you both have the EXACT same expression on your faces...lolz.

That's my fierce ginger!

Anonymous said...

OH EM GEE Gnomes. You know how obsessed I am! How on earth did you not text me...or steal a lock of her hair...or SOMETHING?! /creepy.

Seriously, though, I would never in a million years approach a celebrity, Ms Welch would be something else altogether.



Shannon said...

What is this Joshua Jackson story?
I'm in Vancouver all year round and I never bump into him.

I'm actually considering getting a place in Kits because that's where him and his lady friend live.

Dream meeting:
I'm at the Steveston docks and I spot him on a boat. I run up to the boat, he gives me the hand. I pause and smile before saying, "Permission to come aboard?" Then we spend a summer sitting in our hammocks as we read to each other every night.