Focusing on the Horizon

New expensive hobby alert (will it ever end?): stand up paddle boarding.

I've lived in the Santa Monica & Malibu area for almost six years and even though I love the ocean, it's taken me this long to try a water sport. SUP ended up being easier than I thought...much more exciting than kayaking but not as challenging or scary as surfing. Once I got past the fact that I wasn't going to go anywhere fast, I started to appreciate how slow the whole process is. Before paddling out, I was advised to focus on the horizon to help keep my balance and now that I think of it, that sounds like a line I would hear in a yoga class. Balance is key to all aspects of my life and it's true - focusing on the horizon, being aware of the bigger picture, does help me keep my head from spinning. I found myself zoning in on the sound of my paddle hitting the glassy water and all the sudden I understood how some people start every day paddling out into the sea. 

The visibility into the ocean was so clear. At one point, we were even able to see some fish swimming underneath us through the kelp beds. When we had reached our turn-around point, our guide gave us some time to jump in and cool off, or in my case, lie down. It was dangerously comforting to get rocked by the waves while being warmed by the sun. To seal the deal, a family of young dolphins swam past us only about 15 feet away...I'm hooked!

This post deserves a "#lovemylife".

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